Friday, April 13, 2007

Injury Update

First, I went to see a Sports Medicine doc who ordered x-rays and an MRI to rule out a stress fracture in my hip and re-evaluate my pre-existing back condition (spondylolisthesis). The x-ray was negative, but based on the radiologist's evaluation of the MRI, I was sent to a Spine Center Specialist. The spine center doc didn't feel the spondylolisthesis had progressed significantly and scheduled me with physical therapy for my right glute area and piraformis issues. I like the therapist quite a bit and he seems to be working the right direction. The deep tissue massage and some other therapy has not been comfortable, but then neither was any of my 19 mile run last Saturday. So far, I haven't noticed any change in my running discomfort, but the therapy has been only going on for a short time.

I have decided to not run the 50 mile distance at Mt Si this year. I couldn't conceive of running another 31 miles after finishing last Saturday, but did feel that another 12 was doable. My time wasn't too bad, I did manage to finish under 2:30, but it wasn't comfortable. I want to get on top of this thing soon so that I can actually keep up with tc at Western States while pacing him. - KRK