Wednesday, October 31, 2007

On to State

Well, both Lake Stevens XC teams qualified for state. This will be the first time in 27 years the girls will have taken a team to state. I will be present and yelling my fool head off, even though Kelsey will not be running.

Kelsey is still pressing to run the full marathon at Seattle. I have managed a total of 44.5 miles for the month of October. That should be adequate for running 26.2, shouldn't it? It would be prudent for me to talk her into running the half marathon, but since when does common sense enter in to my running? Honestly, I am thrilled to have her wanting to challenge herself and run the full marathon. I suspect it is simple ignorance on her part of how tough it will be, but getting to spend 4 to 4.5 (or more) hours running/walking with Kelsey is too good an opportunity to pass up. Anyone want to join us for a very conversational pace? - KRK

Friday, October 26, 2007

Back to running - sort of

It's slow at work right now, so I thought I would take the opportunity to write something about my running, or lack thereof. Since the first of July, I have run a total of 81 miles. August had one entry of 4.9 miles. Not exactly an ultra-runner at the moment. I have been running a little in recent weeks, but am still dealing with some ankle pain and a complete lack of motivation. I can't figure out where my desire to run has gone, but it has certainly disappeared.

Daughter Kelsey's high school XC career is over. She wasn't able to work her way back onto the varsity team this year which was a big disappointment to her. She certainly took the season more seriously, but simply didn't have the mileage coming into the season and never was able to find the speed she had as a freshman and sophomore. Hopefully, she will continue to run and prepare for her senior track season. She doesn't like running in circles too much, however.

Both boys and girls teams at Lake Stevesn are poised to make it to state. The boys team has finished 4th each of the past two years. I can't recall the last time a girls XC team qualified for state. The key for both teams is where the 5th runner places. Both have strong 1-4's, but a bit of a step to #5. I'm hoping to travel to Pasco to cheer on both teams November 3rd.

I'm also hoping that I can get my sorry butt out the door and do some actual running.