Friday, November 13, 2009

From XC to Volleyball

Well, my activity level has been limited and boring, so I will bring you up to date with the four Kreft girls. Andrea and husband Jarrod are doing well in B'ham. Baby Olivia is just to cute for words and spends most of the day at the gymnastics club with mom.
Daughter Meghan and husband Dennis are also doing very well. Meghan is in a long term subbing position at Hawethorne Elementary in Everett. She is the reading specialist for the school. It is a very challenging job for a first time teacher. She has a number of lesson plans to prepare each week and has the added challenge of a large number of kids who are just learning English.
Kelsey got serious about cross-country this year at Central Washington University. Her times went down consistently over the course of the year and she was Central's #1 or #2 runner at every meet. I don't think I will run any 5k's with her any more. Likely wouldn't help my ego at all. She will also be running track for CWU this spring and they have come up with a bit of scholarship money for her. She has also volunteered to pace and crew for me at Cascade Crest. Now I really am committed.

Which brings us to Larisa. Last but certainly not least, Larisa has made both her middle school volleyball team and the Lake select team. Frankly, I prefer the nice dry gym for volleyball to standing in the rain on the soccer pitch. She also loves the idea of being an aunt and takes the job seriously.