Monday, November 26, 2007

Great day for a run

In contrast to many previous Seattle Marathons, this past Sunday was a beautiful day for running. It was a little on the cool side, but sunny and clear with no wind. Kelsey (white top and bun hugger shorts, no tights) waited a bit too long to get ready and ended up in the Sani-Can when the horn blew to start the half marathon. It didn't matter. We jogged to the start area and joined the throng in dead last position. With ~10,000 people in front of us, we didn't reach the starting line for quite some time and even then, couldn't really run.

Kelsey ran pretty well, although I think she wasted a lot of energy weaving through traffic at the start. We had a few short walking breaks, but she managed to improve on last year's 2:06 a bit, running 2:03:38 chip time.

Kelsey was disappointed in having to walk some, but a lack of training will do that to you. She has also indicated a desire to run at Tiger with me in the Dumb Ass run on December 15th. Should be nice and cold/wet for that one.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Seattle (half) Marathon

Daughter Kelsey does have a little common sense. She has realized that without any long runs, finishing a marathon might be a bit of a stretch. So, we will be shifting to the half at Seattle. Last year she ran 2:06, largely running by herself. She also ran dead even splits for the race. We are hoping to get her to the finish line this year in under two hours.

I have been running fairly consistently on the treadmill at lunchtime, doing a bit over 6 miles in 45 minutes with some rolling hills dialed in - or at least rolling uphills. Somehow, the treadmill never gives me any downhills after the ups.

I have also been cross training in the weight room, following a program put together by my oldest daughter Andrea. Andi has a degree in exercise science and is a certified personal trainer and a certified strength and conditioning coach. She has also been coaching gymnastics for over nine years. The exercises she has me doing all involve core strengthening - lots of twisting and using stability balls. I've also come to learn than planks are a lot harder than they look. The work-outs must be doing me some good, I'm sore in different places than usual. KRK

Monday, November 05, 2007

4A State Follow-up and Running Update

The weather was great at Pasco on Saturday and some of the Lake Stevens runners had great races. Other team members were not so pleased with their efforts. Our star runner, Joey Bywater, had been one of the favorites to win state this year after finishing second last year. Joey had been battling injury for much of the second half of the season and did not run like he is capable of, finishing 13th. Kyle Van Santen, usually our number 2 runner was 14th. The #3 runner for most of the season, Scott Larson, ran very well and finished 10th. Scott's twin brother Drew finished 84th overall and our fifth runner finished 115th. The boys team finished tied for 5th; ending up 6th on the placement of our #6 runner. The top three boys all qualified for the Nike Border Clash.

Having taken a team to state for the first time in 27 years, the girls were not expected to do much. They were not ranked in the final coaches poll. Our two freshman runners (Lacey Wagner and Cia Bywater) ran probably their best races of the year and finished 7th and 10th overall. The sophomore who was our #1 runner for most of the season had an off day and finished 59th overall. Runners five and six finished in 82nd and 116th respectively. The team finished 7th, just two points behind 6th and 13 points behind fifth. Not a bad showing at all. Both Lacey and Cia will also be going to the Nike Border Clash.

Today I managed to run 6.4 miles in 45 minutes on the treadmill with some small rolling "hills" thrown in. The best part was my ankle didn't bother me. Perhaps I have finally turned the corner on this. KRK