Thursday, November 20, 2008

Been a while

Wow, no posts since May. Guess I should post something. Daughter Kelsey didn't ride STP with me, but I rode with some other friends and it worked out okay. I didn't run a single ultra over the summer and struggled to run essentially two 10k's and a 5k as a part of the Ragnar relay. My left hip continues to be a pain and my enthusiasm for running still isn't back.

On the other hand, I have been doing some woodworking and have added to the tool collection in the garage. At this rate, we will never fit a car in the garage.

Daughter Kelsey walked for the Central Washington XC team and ended up running with the varsity. They had a small team and also some injuries, but she worked her way up to the top five any case. Daughter #2 Meghan is now engaged and will be married next July, after graduating from WWU in June.

Life continues, even without much running.