Monday, January 04, 2010

Off to a good start

I actually managed to put in some decent running mileage over the holidays. Nothing like tc or many others out there, but certainly a lot more than I had been. The best part was most of it was on trails. It reminded me that I REALLY like to run trails. Rocky, rooty, muddy - whatever. Just throw in some downhill and I'm having fun. The Western Washington Fat Ass was a great opportunity to see some old friends and get lied to by the Cheetah. Yeah, Jim - you're really out of shape and sloth-like. Why is it that you were done way before me and waiting at the cars? Daughter Kelsey had some down moments, but ran really well overall. In 2008, she ran 3:51 for the Half Ass. This year, she ran 2:58. I better get my butt back in shape or soon she will be pushing me to pick up the pace. See some of you at Bridle Trails.