Monday, April 12, 2010

Mt Si #11 Done

Yesterday, I managed to finish my 11th running at the Mt Si Relay and Ultra run. The first eight times were 50 miles or more, with the last three being the 50k event.

1999 54 miles 8:27:10 9:24 pace
2000 50 miles 7:23:34 8:52 pace
2001 50 miles 7:06:45 8:32 pace
2002 50 miles 6:57:15 8:21 pace
2003 50 miles 7:09:14 8:35 pace
2004 50 miles 7:13:15 8:40 pace
2005 50 miles 6:56:23 8:20 pace
2006 50 miles 8:00:20 9:36 pace
2007 50k 4:37:00 8:54 pace
2008 50k 4:29:37 8:40 pace
2010 50k 4:27:03 8:35 pace

While the run yesterday was harder than I would have liked, my time was about what I had anticipated to be able to run and was faster than the last two 50k's. I just need to be more patient and not expect to be able to run as fast or as far as I did five years ago, at least not given my current training level. I just need to leave my watch at home and go play at Lord Hill or Tiger Mt. with friends.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Exercise in futility

Given the migration to Facebook instead of blogging, posting anything to my blog is likely mostly akin to a note to myself, but so be it. My progress in running has been frustrating. I can't seem to really improve my endurance. My speed is gone - any time I try to push the pace, my right leg stops working properly. I am convinced it is all related to some long standing back issues I have had. I was diagnosed in high school with Spondylolisthesis. Over the past 8 years or so, I have experienced some disc degeneration and this seems to be aggravating the condition. I had hoped to keep it at bay with extra core strengthening, but this doesn't seem to be gaining anything.
I hope I can continue training and build up miles this spring and summer, as I am already entered in White River and Cascade Crest.
As I get slower, daughter Kelsey gets faster. At a recent track meet for CWU, she ran a 5:18 1500 meters, a 69 second leg in a 4 x 400 relay, and a 2:33 800 meters, all in a single afternoon. She complained about the 800 being slow. All the improvement in leg turnover bodes well for next fall's XC season.
I did manage to finish Chuckanut this year. My time of 5:26 wasn't fast, but it was great to see a lot of old friends again and get to run with the Guide Dog for several miles. The last 10k was a challenge. Ended up walking much more than I should have.
Oh well, enough of this post to myself - back to work.