Monday, December 03, 2007

Invest in Youth Fund Run

I will directing the 2008 Invest in Youth Fund Run once again. The 2008 version will be held in the same location as was done for 2007 - with the start and finish at the Machias trailhead on the Centennial Trail. Located between Lake Stevens and Snohomish, WA, the trail is a converted railroad grade that is flat and paved, with a gravel horse path running parallel to the paved portion. The Machias trailhead has ample parking and offers bathrooms with running water. There is also a covered area for the aid station. We will have hot food and drink.

All proceeds will go to the YMCA Invest in Youth Program. The run itself will be an out and back of approximately 2.5 miles. The course will be open for six hours, starting at 8:00 AM.

E-mail me for more details and a copy of the entry form.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Great day for a run

In contrast to many previous Seattle Marathons, this past Sunday was a beautiful day for running. It was a little on the cool side, but sunny and clear with no wind. Kelsey (white top and bun hugger shorts, no tights) waited a bit too long to get ready and ended up in the Sani-Can when the horn blew to start the half marathon. It didn't matter. We jogged to the start area and joined the throng in dead last position. With ~10,000 people in front of us, we didn't reach the starting line for quite some time and even then, couldn't really run.

Kelsey ran pretty well, although I think she wasted a lot of energy weaving through traffic at the start. We had a few short walking breaks, but she managed to improve on last year's 2:06 a bit, running 2:03:38 chip time.

Kelsey was disappointed in having to walk some, but a lack of training will do that to you. She has also indicated a desire to run at Tiger with me in the Dumb Ass run on December 15th. Should be nice and cold/wet for that one.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Seattle (half) Marathon

Daughter Kelsey does have a little common sense. She has realized that without any long runs, finishing a marathon might be a bit of a stretch. So, we will be shifting to the half at Seattle. Last year she ran 2:06, largely running by herself. She also ran dead even splits for the race. We are hoping to get her to the finish line this year in under two hours.

I have been running fairly consistently on the treadmill at lunchtime, doing a bit over 6 miles in 45 minutes with some rolling hills dialed in - or at least rolling uphills. Somehow, the treadmill never gives me any downhills after the ups.

I have also been cross training in the weight room, following a program put together by my oldest daughter Andrea. Andi has a degree in exercise science and is a certified personal trainer and a certified strength and conditioning coach. She has also been coaching gymnastics for over nine years. The exercises she has me doing all involve core strengthening - lots of twisting and using stability balls. I've also come to learn than planks are a lot harder than they look. The work-outs must be doing me some good, I'm sore in different places than usual. KRK

Monday, November 05, 2007

4A State Follow-up and Running Update

The weather was great at Pasco on Saturday and some of the Lake Stevens runners had great races. Other team members were not so pleased with their efforts. Our star runner, Joey Bywater, had been one of the favorites to win state this year after finishing second last year. Joey had been battling injury for much of the second half of the season and did not run like he is capable of, finishing 13th. Kyle Van Santen, usually our number 2 runner was 14th. The #3 runner for most of the season, Scott Larson, ran very well and finished 10th. Scott's twin brother Drew finished 84th overall and our fifth runner finished 115th. The boys team finished tied for 5th; ending up 6th on the placement of our #6 runner. The top three boys all qualified for the Nike Border Clash.

Having taken a team to state for the first time in 27 years, the girls were not expected to do much. They were not ranked in the final coaches poll. Our two freshman runners (Lacey Wagner and Cia Bywater) ran probably their best races of the year and finished 7th and 10th overall. The sophomore who was our #1 runner for most of the season had an off day and finished 59th overall. Runners five and six finished in 82nd and 116th respectively. The team finished 7th, just two points behind 6th and 13 points behind fifth. Not a bad showing at all. Both Lacey and Cia will also be going to the Nike Border Clash.

Today I managed to run 6.4 miles in 45 minutes on the treadmill with some small rolling "hills" thrown in. The best part was my ankle didn't bother me. Perhaps I have finally turned the corner on this. KRK

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

On to State

Well, both Lake Stevens XC teams qualified for state. This will be the first time in 27 years the girls will have taken a team to state. I will be present and yelling my fool head off, even though Kelsey will not be running.

Kelsey is still pressing to run the full marathon at Seattle. I have managed a total of 44.5 miles for the month of October. That should be adequate for running 26.2, shouldn't it? It would be prudent for me to talk her into running the half marathon, but since when does common sense enter in to my running? Honestly, I am thrilled to have her wanting to challenge herself and run the full marathon. I suspect it is simple ignorance on her part of how tough it will be, but getting to spend 4 to 4.5 (or more) hours running/walking with Kelsey is too good an opportunity to pass up. Anyone want to join us for a very conversational pace? - KRK

Friday, October 26, 2007

Back to running - sort of

It's slow at work right now, so I thought I would take the opportunity to write something about my running, or lack thereof. Since the first of July, I have run a total of 81 miles. August had one entry of 4.9 miles. Not exactly an ultra-runner at the moment. I have been running a little in recent weeks, but am still dealing with some ankle pain and a complete lack of motivation. I can't figure out where my desire to run has gone, but it has certainly disappeared.

Daughter Kelsey's high school XC career is over. She wasn't able to work her way back onto the varsity team this year which was a big disappointment to her. She certainly took the season more seriously, but simply didn't have the mileage coming into the season and never was able to find the speed she had as a freshman and sophomore. Hopefully, she will continue to run and prepare for her senior track season. She doesn't like running in circles too much, however.

Both boys and girls teams at Lake Stevesn are poised to make it to state. The boys team has finished 4th each of the past two years. I can't recall the last time a girls XC team qualified for state. The key for both teams is where the 5th runner places. Both have strong 1-4's, but a bit of a step to #5. I'm hoping to travel to Pasco to cheer on both teams November 3rd.

I'm also hoping that I can get my sorry butt out the door and do some actual running.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

And now for something totally different

Along with my trail running and biking hobbies, I also do some woodworking. As a part of this woodworking, I have obtained some old machinery, including a Hammond G4B Trim-O-Saw and a Powermatic model 45 Lathe. I also work for a heavy machinery manufacturer who formerly had an operational foundry and associated pattern shop. The following photographs are of some of the equipment to be found in the pattern shop. While all of the equipment had been in working condition, I don't believe many items have been used for some time and currently sit idle, collecting dust.This is the Hammond saw before I cleaned it up and got it operational.

This is a 36" American band saw.

This old drill press has some labelling on it - W. F. & J Barnes Co.

This second drill press is an American Woodworking Machinery No. 2 model.

This machine is an old American jointer. I forgot to bring my tape, so I am unsure of the size.

There are a number of old lathes in the shop, all operating from an overhead pulley system.

There is also an Oliver thickness planer.

Lastly, there is an old American Woodworking Machinery tablesaw with unique drive system and sliding table.

I have more pictures that can be e-mailed if you are curious about any of the machines.

Monday, June 25, 2007

WS 2007

I wanted to post a few of the photos I took at Dusty Corners and figured that this was as good a place as any. I don't have a shot of Hal as he came through just as we arrived and were getting positioned to shoot. He looked very relaxed and apparently maintained that relaxed focus all the way to the finish. An awesome run.

Meghan Arbogast looked to be having a good time.

Mr. Burke also was cruising right along.

Bill Thomas has had faster days at Western, but kept it going to complete his 10th and get the 1000 mile buckle.

Marty Fagan has been running very well and continued to do so at WS. He pushed his pacer Carol O'Hear pretty hard. Be nice to Carol, Marty- she's a doctor and knows lots of ways to hurt you.

Ronda Sundermeir was as cheerful as ever and looked to just be on a nice jog when she came through.

In stark contrast, I have never seen Jamshid so focused. He was moving well and pushing the pace early on. Jamshid also earned his 1000 mile buckle.

Unfortunately, not all NW runners had a succesful outing. Clem ran into problems and missed a cut-off. At Dusty Corners, he looked good and was running well.

The last photo I have at Dusty Corners is of Tony C. We had to leave after this and continue our crewing and pacing duties.

Tony struggled some with the altitude and the dust. He was frustrated with his pace at Dusty Corners, but had a much more positive outlook at Duncan Canyon. The steep downhills and rocky terrain were not tc's favorite and took their toll. He hung tough, though and regrouped to continue running. At Foresthill, I started pacing duties and did my best to keep Tony moving toward the finish line. I truly enjoyed pacing Tony and hope that my being there helped. With Glenn Tachiyama and Bill Cotton crewing, tc had an ace support crew backing him up, even if they were asleep on their feet at Hwy 49. Tony had a fine finish time of 25:43 and was 121st of 270 finishers and ~400 starters. My desire to run ultras may be coming back...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Improving Workouts

Since the start of May, my workouts have been improving. The log so far this month:

5/1/2007 walleyball
5/2/2007 6.3 0:45:00 Treadmill level 5 random
5/4/2007 6.0 0:45:00 Treadmill level 6 random
5/5/2007 9.4 1:14:28 Easy run around Lake Stevens
5/7/2007 4.9 0:32:28 Lunchtime run, faster pace than expected, felt heavy and slow
5/8/2007 4.9 0:33:17 Little easier than Monday, decent pace, hip/hamstring achy at desk
5/10/2007 walleyball
5/11/2007 9.5 1:10:00 House to just past Machias and back, solid run
5/12/2007 8.0 1:41:36 Lord Hill with Kelsey
5/14/2007 4.9 0:31:54 Better time than expected, tried to run relaxed and smooth

Not exactly a lot of miles, but generally low in the pain factor while running. Now if I can just work on my endurance and some hills. KRK

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Time to check in

Since my last post I managed to finish the 50k version of Mt Si relatively pain free. I ran steadily through about 28 miles, before running out of gas and deciding with Steven Yee that we were both good with walking and jogging the remainder of the distance. It was great to see so many friends out running at Mt Si and I very much enjoyed the run.

After running on Sunday it was off to Wenatchee for a couple of days of bike riding at the Seattle Randonneurs Northwest Crank event. Friday was 67 miles with a good amount of climbing. This year I opted out of the climb up to the Mission Ridge Ski area. It sounded like I made the right decision as other riders complained about lots of sand and dirt on the road (steep downhill with sharp switchbacks coming back) from road construction. Saturday, was a 63 mile ride. As we needed to be back on the west side by 5:00 PM, we short circuited the ride; missing out on a 20 mile out and back to the top of Badger Mt. At least there was one photo that proved my presence.

Yesterday, I ran a rolling 10k on the treadmill in just under 45:00. This used to be an easy workout, but not any more. At my current level of fitness, the 7:00 pace was tough to maintain late. My butt and hamstring were achy all afternoon. Hopefully, I can continue to improve conditioning as we approach Western States. I'm sure tc would prefer this. KRK

Friday, April 13, 2007

Injury Update

First, I went to see a Sports Medicine doc who ordered x-rays and an MRI to rule out a stress fracture in my hip and re-evaluate my pre-existing back condition (spondylolisthesis). The x-ray was negative, but based on the radiologist's evaluation of the MRI, I was sent to a Spine Center Specialist. The spine center doc didn't feel the spondylolisthesis had progressed significantly and scheduled me with physical therapy for my right glute area and piraformis issues. I like the therapist quite a bit and he seems to be working the right direction. The deep tissue massage and some other therapy has not been comfortable, but then neither was any of my 19 mile run last Saturday. So far, I haven't noticed any change in my running discomfort, but the therapy has been only going on for a short time.

I have decided to not run the 50 mile distance at Mt Si this year. I couldn't conceive of running another 31 miles after finishing last Saturday, but did feel that another 12 was doable. My time wasn't too bad, I did manage to finish under 2:30, but it wasn't comfortable. I want to get on top of this thing soon so that I can actually keep up with tc at Western States while pacing him. - KRK

Friday, March 23, 2007


I knew I was undertrained for Chuckanut and that my hip and right glute had been bothering me for some time, but I figured I could run slow and still muddle through. And in hindsight, I probably could have stuck it out and finished. I simply wasn't having fun and wimped out.

The run started out on a bad note - we were two cars from pulling into the parking lot when we were turned away. The lot was full. With four runners in a single vehicle, the was particularly disappointing. With the extra poplularity of Chuckanut, I would like to see some parking priority given to those who do make the effort to carpool. On a positive note, it was typical Chuckanut with old friends at every turn. I need half a day just to say hello to everyone and catch up with their lives.

The run started okay with Mark Hartinger and I pledging to run slow and easily together. We both commented on how this year the enthusiasm for running just wasn't there. The first 10K was longer than ever, but went okay. Our group of runners joked and chatted while we kept moving along. I felt okay, if a bit tired as we started up Cleator Road. The road had more mud on it than any previous year that I can remember. It is commonly wet, but hadn't been muddy before that I can recall.

It was on Cleator Road where the wheels started to come off. Mark hung with me and was tremendously encouraging and supportive; I simply had no gas in the tank. Normally, I am able to pass people along the ridge trail. The technical conditions suit me and I can bop along pretty well. Not this year. My calves started cramping pretty early on the ridge, in spite of drinking and taking some electrolyte capsules. By the time we reached the back side mud fest, I was dragging. My hip and butt were sore and I was not having fun anymore. I finally convinced Mark to go ahead and continued to walk. After being passed inumerable times, I finally made it over the crest near Lost Lake and tried to run the downhill. The mud made it slippery and every step was uncomfortable. Not a sharp pain, just a large discomfort. When I reached the gate at the bottom, I went straight through instead of turning right and heading up to Little Chinscraper. From this point, I hiked down to the last aid station and begged a ride to the finish.

I had plenty of time, reaching the gate about 3:40 into the run. Why didn't I go ahead and finish? Bottom line - I just didn't want to enough. I wasn't having fun. I was battling some discomfort that my lack of enthusiasm used as an excuse to bail. As a result, my first DNF in the 9 years of ultra-running that I have done.

I have started some follow up on the hip and glute pain. X-rays show nothing abnormal. An MRI is up next. Most likely, the issue is related to a back condition (spondylolithesis) that I was first diagnosed with in high school. I guess we'll see what the docs say.

Hopefully, I can find my lost enthusiasm and get back on my horse soon. I need to be in good shape by the end of June to be able to keep up with tc at Western States. It would be bad form for a pacer to not be able to keep up with his runner. - KRK

Monday, March 12, 2007

Ready for Chuck

NOT - no, I am certainly not ready to race at Chuckanut, but I will definitely go and run. My plan is to take my wife's new camera (Canon SD600 purchased by me for her for Christmas - good thinking huh) and use the old I'm taking pictures excuse for going slow. I am looking forward to seeing all the familiar faces at Chuckanut. Perhaps seeing a large group of enthusiastic runners will rekindle my desire to run. I need to start putting in some decent miles or Mt. Si is really going to hurt again this year.

Our lap puppy is now eight months old and around 70 lb. Jackson ran two five mile segments with me at the Invest in Youth Fund Run, with a long break between segments. He was ready for more at the end and never did seem tired. Hmmm, I wonder if Jackson would like to pull me up Little Chinscraper on Saturday.... KRK

Monday, February 05, 2007

Another Infrequent Post

Since I haven't posted for a while, I figured it was time once again. Although, I suspect my readership is quite small. While I am still battling some hip and hamstring issues, I did have an enjoyable time on the trails at Lord Hill with Bob Maxwell and Dave Dutton on Saturday. We ran easily and talked the entire 4:24 we were out. It was very good to spend time on the trails with friends once again.

I have also been trying to do some woodworking in my garage again - this time turning a few small bowls. I want to have these to give away as prizes for those who run the most miles or raise the most money at my March 3rd Fundraising run. I also need to make a stand for our new TV. So many projects, so little time.

The thing that inspired me to post again is this recent spate of listing 6 weird things about yourself. I am pondering what to list.

I enjoy trail and ultra-running, but among my friends, that isn't weird.

I like red beer - red because of the tomato juice in it. Not all the time, but a nice change of pace.

I can eat all I want and whether I am running a lot or very little, will not gain any weight. Is this weird or just lucky?

I have a strong tendency to focus heavily on the current activity of choice; to the exclusion of many other things. ie. I used to do Solo II racing (generally street cars with special tires driven in a large parking lot around a course for time), I then moved to the Pacific NW and got into hiking. From hiking, came the Everett Mountaineers Scrambles and Climbing classes. Faster scrambles gave way to trail runs. I bought a road bike last year and then bought a second bike. Lastly, I have started spending a bunch of money and outfitting my garage with woodworking tools.

I'm from Kansas and proud of it.

I'm so boring that I can't come up with a sixth item.