Thursday, August 30, 2007

And now for something totally different

Along with my trail running and biking hobbies, I also do some woodworking. As a part of this woodworking, I have obtained some old machinery, including a Hammond G4B Trim-O-Saw and a Powermatic model 45 Lathe. I also work for a heavy machinery manufacturer who formerly had an operational foundry and associated pattern shop. The following photographs are of some of the equipment to be found in the pattern shop. While all of the equipment had been in working condition, I don't believe many items have been used for some time and currently sit idle, collecting dust.This is the Hammond saw before I cleaned it up and got it operational.

This is a 36" American band saw.

This old drill press has some labelling on it - W. F. & J Barnes Co.

This second drill press is an American Woodworking Machinery No. 2 model.

This machine is an old American jointer. I forgot to bring my tape, so I am unsure of the size.

There are a number of old lathes in the shop, all operating from an overhead pulley system.

There is also an Oliver thickness planer.

Lastly, there is an old American Woodworking Machinery tablesaw with unique drive system and sliding table.

I have more pictures that can be e-mailed if you are curious about any of the machines.

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Luke said...

Kendall, I very much like seeing these old machines. I do have some questions about a couple of the American ones specifically. Can you email me back-channel to talk? Thanks!