Monday, April 20, 2009

By semi-popular demand

tc, this one's for you.

This weekend I actually was out on my bike for just over two hours.  I have signed my daughter Kelsey and myself up for the Seattle to Portland bike ride this year.  We will be doing the ~200 miles in one day.  Hopefully, she will be doing some training while she is at school in Ellensburg.  Sunday was the first time I had gotten my bike down since last summer.  
As mentioned before, Kelsey is running XC for Central.  She is also trying her hand at pole vaulting.  While she comes in with a typical distance runner's upper body strength, she is working hard and her technique is improving.  She won't ever win any events, but she is having a good time and is showing progress.  
Daughter Larisa has gotten past her issues with a stress fracture in one heel.  One of her volleyball teammate's father is a podiatrist and he fitted Lari with orthotics which have made a big difference. 
After only one tournament in April, we are looking at 3 different tournaments in May, plus a potential two day clinic.  Add in some birthdays, Mother's Day, and our wedding anniversary and May looks to be very busy.

I'm not a grandfather yet, but eldest daughter Andrea is 7 months along and is doing great.  I have been working on a convertible crib and day bed and will start a dressing table when the crib is done.  Need to find some more shop time.
Daugher Meghan and her fiance have located a home in Marysville and have had their offer accepted.  When they get married at the end of July, they will already have a home to move into.  It's a great market for first time home buyers.
Life goes on, whether I'm running or not.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

This is a test

Obviously, I don't blog very frequently.  Only slightly less often than I seem to be running these days.  The test part is to see if anyone is reading this or not.  If you read this, please drop me  a note.  If I don't receive any responses, I will likely delete the site.  If I do get some response, I will try to put more effort into providing some updates of my life.