Monday, February 05, 2007

Another Infrequent Post

Since I haven't posted for a while, I figured it was time once again. Although, I suspect my readership is quite small. While I am still battling some hip and hamstring issues, I did have an enjoyable time on the trails at Lord Hill with Bob Maxwell and Dave Dutton on Saturday. We ran easily and talked the entire 4:24 we were out. It was very good to spend time on the trails with friends once again.

I have also been trying to do some woodworking in my garage again - this time turning a few small bowls. I want to have these to give away as prizes for those who run the most miles or raise the most money at my March 3rd Fundraising run. I also need to make a stand for our new TV. So many projects, so little time.

The thing that inspired me to post again is this recent spate of listing 6 weird things about yourself. I am pondering what to list.

I enjoy trail and ultra-running, but among my friends, that isn't weird.

I like red beer - red because of the tomato juice in it. Not all the time, but a nice change of pace.

I can eat all I want and whether I am running a lot or very little, will not gain any weight. Is this weird or just lucky?

I have a strong tendency to focus heavily on the current activity of choice; to the exclusion of many other things. ie. I used to do Solo II racing (generally street cars with special tires driven in a large parking lot around a course for time), I then moved to the Pacific NW and got into hiking. From hiking, came the Everett Mountaineers Scrambles and Climbing classes. Faster scrambles gave way to trail runs. I bought a road bike last year and then bought a second bike. Lastly, I have started spending a bunch of money and outfitting my garage with woodworking tools.

I'm from Kansas and proud of it.

I'm so boring that I can't come up with a sixth item.