Monday, February 05, 2007

Another Infrequent Post

Since I haven't posted for a while, I figured it was time once again. Although, I suspect my readership is quite small. While I am still battling some hip and hamstring issues, I did have an enjoyable time on the trails at Lord Hill with Bob Maxwell and Dave Dutton on Saturday. We ran easily and talked the entire 4:24 we were out. It was very good to spend time on the trails with friends once again.

I have also been trying to do some woodworking in my garage again - this time turning a few small bowls. I want to have these to give away as prizes for those who run the most miles or raise the most money at my March 3rd Fundraising run. I also need to make a stand for our new TV. So many projects, so little time.

The thing that inspired me to post again is this recent spate of listing 6 weird things about yourself. I am pondering what to list.

I enjoy trail and ultra-running, but among my friends, that isn't weird.

I like red beer - red because of the tomato juice in it. Not all the time, but a nice change of pace.

I can eat all I want and whether I am running a lot or very little, will not gain any weight. Is this weird or just lucky?

I have a strong tendency to focus heavily on the current activity of choice; to the exclusion of many other things. ie. I used to do Solo II racing (generally street cars with special tires driven in a large parking lot around a course for time), I then moved to the Pacific NW and got into hiking. From hiking, came the Everett Mountaineers Scrambles and Climbing classes. Faster scrambles gave way to trail runs. I bought a road bike last year and then bought a second bike. Lastly, I have started spending a bunch of money and outfitting my garage with woodworking tools.

I'm from Kansas and proud of it.

I'm so boring that I can't come up with a sixth item.



Bob Gentile said...

Hi Kendall,just stopping by from Krissy's blog....

soo funny you that you decided to post and it was 6 weird things, we had a fun time with that topic about a month ago...

we are ALL Weirdo's and NOW you are a weirdo too :-)

You have to check out Lisa Bliss's weird post, it's soooo funny!! well worth the may have to dig a little bit to find her archive but my TWO weird posts are on Jan.31st and Feb 3rd so she is right around that time... you will her link to her blog from there

Awesome trail run with your friend and hope you get better with your hip pains


Bob Gentile said...

Jeez I can't type on Monday--lol OOOPS you will her link to her blog from there**

meant to say you will FIND her blog link on my weird post

olga said...

Hi, Kendall! I've never seen red beer (bring one to Chuck and wait for me for an hour to stagger to the finish:)), and damn you are lucky with eating and weight!
Welcome back:)