Monday, March 12, 2007

Ready for Chuck

NOT - no, I am certainly not ready to race at Chuckanut, but I will definitely go and run. My plan is to take my wife's new camera (Canon SD600 purchased by me for her for Christmas - good thinking huh) and use the old I'm taking pictures excuse for going slow. I am looking forward to seeing all the familiar faces at Chuckanut. Perhaps seeing a large group of enthusiastic runners will rekindle my desire to run. I need to start putting in some decent miles or Mt. Si is really going to hurt again this year.

Our lap puppy is now eight months old and around 70 lb. Jackson ran two five mile segments with me at the Invest in Youth Fund Run, with a long break between segments. He was ready for more at the end and never did seem tired. Hmmm, I wonder if Jackson would like to pull me up Little Chinscraper on Saturday.... KRK


GotLegs! said...

Jackson can pull you up after I ride him through the technical section ... what do ya say? *tc

olga said...

I remember you tried to snadbag last year as well, yet ran a wonderful time:)
I take our 5mo old puppy (English Setter) for my 7M mornings (Oleg once took him for 12 at the Gorge) and he does fine, ready to roll more. I heard we shouldn't be doing that much yet...but he is a killer, and even though weighs only about 40 lbs or so now, pulls me uphill as well:) I was thinking about Chinscraper too!!

Kendall K said...

tc, If you want a dog to ride, I should bring Kuma. She is about the same height as Jackson but MUCH stouter. She definitely has Rottweiler ancestors. Unfortunately, she doesn't have the endurance that Jackson seems to possess.

Olga, no sandbagging this year. I am out of shape and slow. I will try to remember to bring some beer and tomato juice. KRK