Monday, June 25, 2007

WS 2007

I wanted to post a few of the photos I took at Dusty Corners and figured that this was as good a place as any. I don't have a shot of Hal as he came through just as we arrived and were getting positioned to shoot. He looked very relaxed and apparently maintained that relaxed focus all the way to the finish. An awesome run.

Meghan Arbogast looked to be having a good time.

Mr. Burke also was cruising right along.

Bill Thomas has had faster days at Western, but kept it going to complete his 10th and get the 1000 mile buckle.

Marty Fagan has been running very well and continued to do so at WS. He pushed his pacer Carol O'Hear pretty hard. Be nice to Carol, Marty- she's a doctor and knows lots of ways to hurt you.

Ronda Sundermeir was as cheerful as ever and looked to just be on a nice jog when she came through.

In stark contrast, I have never seen Jamshid so focused. He was moving well and pushing the pace early on. Jamshid also earned his 1000 mile buckle.

Unfortunately, not all NW runners had a succesful outing. Clem ran into problems and missed a cut-off. At Dusty Corners, he looked good and was running well.

The last photo I have at Dusty Corners is of Tony C. We had to leave after this and continue our crewing and pacing duties.

Tony struggled some with the altitude and the dust. He was frustrated with his pace at Dusty Corners, but had a much more positive outlook at Duncan Canyon. The steep downhills and rocky terrain were not tc's favorite and took their toll. He hung tough, though and regrouped to continue running. At Foresthill, I started pacing duties and did my best to keep Tony moving toward the finish line. I truly enjoyed pacing Tony and hope that my being there helped. With Glenn Tachiyama and Bill Cotton crewing, tc had an ace support crew backing him up, even if they were asleep on their feet at Hwy 49. Tony had a fine finish time of 25:43 and was 121st of 270 finishers and ~400 starters. My desire to run ultras may be coming back...


olga said...

Great pics here, and what an awesome job you guys did keeping tc's spirits up! Hope to see you at CCC.

GotLegs! said...

What Olga said!

I'm psyched about CCC again ... we'll see how that one goes. No matter what, I'm going to have fun!