Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Improving Workouts

Since the start of May, my workouts have been improving. The log so far this month:

5/1/2007 walleyball
5/2/2007 6.3 0:45:00 Treadmill level 5 random
5/4/2007 6.0 0:45:00 Treadmill level 6 random
5/5/2007 9.4 1:14:28 Easy run around Lake Stevens
5/7/2007 4.9 0:32:28 Lunchtime run, faster pace than expected, felt heavy and slow
5/8/2007 4.9 0:33:17 Little easier than Monday, decent pace, hip/hamstring achy at desk
5/10/2007 walleyball
5/11/2007 9.5 1:10:00 House to just past Machias and back, solid run
5/12/2007 8.0 1:41:36 Lord Hill with Kelsey
5/14/2007 4.9 0:31:54 Better time than expected, tried to run relaxed and smooth

Not exactly a lot of miles, but generally low in the pain factor while running. Now if I can just work on my endurance and some hills. KRK

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GotLegs! said...

It sounds like your getting more cross training ... and that's better on your body. Sorry you had to miss Walleyball to run this past weekend. Hope you're recovering after your 50K+ effort.