Thursday, May 03, 2007

Time to check in

Since my last post I managed to finish the 50k version of Mt Si relatively pain free. I ran steadily through about 28 miles, before running out of gas and deciding with Steven Yee that we were both good with walking and jogging the remainder of the distance. It was great to see so many friends out running at Mt Si and I very much enjoyed the run.

After running on Sunday it was off to Wenatchee for a couple of days of bike riding at the Seattle Randonneurs Northwest Crank event. Friday was 67 miles with a good amount of climbing. This year I opted out of the climb up to the Mission Ridge Ski area. It sounded like I made the right decision as other riders complained about lots of sand and dirt on the road (steep downhill with sharp switchbacks coming back) from road construction. Saturday, was a 63 mile ride. As we needed to be back on the west side by 5:00 PM, we short circuited the ride; missing out on a 20 mile out and back to the top of Badger Mt. At least there was one photo that proved my presence.

Yesterday, I ran a rolling 10k on the treadmill in just under 45:00. This used to be an easy workout, but not any more. At my current level of fitness, the 7:00 pace was tough to maintain late. My butt and hamstring were achy all afternoon. Hopefully, I can continue to improve conditioning as we approach Western States. I'm sure tc would prefer this. KRK


olga said...

Glad to see you back, and that you had a pain-free Mt Si 50k. Tony said you both take your daughters as crew members - you can't let him drop you in front of the girls!

GotLegs! said...

Kendall, sounds like you're doing well still. I can't imagine sitting on a bike for that many miles but I'm sure it's better for you than running.

Danielle now has her license and a vehicle ... if I can just get her to run a bit now that track is over, maybe she'll even show up at the 12 hour.

King Arthur said...

It sounds like you’re on the way back to 100%. You'll need with Tc this year. Now if he could just handle going down the Nook Trail, he'd be unstoppable. ;)