Friday, November 16, 2007

Seattle (half) Marathon

Daughter Kelsey does have a little common sense. She has realized that without any long runs, finishing a marathon might be a bit of a stretch. So, we will be shifting to the half at Seattle. Last year she ran 2:06, largely running by herself. She also ran dead even splits for the race. We are hoping to get her to the finish line this year in under two hours.

I have been running fairly consistently on the treadmill at lunchtime, doing a bit over 6 miles in 45 minutes with some rolling hills dialed in - or at least rolling uphills. Somehow, the treadmill never gives me any downhills after the ups.

I have also been cross training in the weight room, following a program put together by my oldest daughter Andrea. Andi has a degree in exercise science and is a certified personal trainer and a certified strength and conditioning coach. She has also been coaching gymnastics for over nine years. The exercises she has me doing all involve core strengthening - lots of twisting and using stability balls. I've also come to learn than planks are a lot harder than they look. The work-outs must be doing me some good, I'm sore in different places than usual. KRK

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olga said...

How did the half go?