Monday, November 26, 2007

Great day for a run

In contrast to many previous Seattle Marathons, this past Sunday was a beautiful day for running. It was a little on the cool side, but sunny and clear with no wind. Kelsey (white top and bun hugger shorts, no tights) waited a bit too long to get ready and ended up in the Sani-Can when the horn blew to start the half marathon. It didn't matter. We jogged to the start area and joined the throng in dead last position. With ~10,000 people in front of us, we didn't reach the starting line for quite some time and even then, couldn't really run.

Kelsey ran pretty well, although I think she wasted a lot of energy weaving through traffic at the start. We had a few short walking breaks, but she managed to improve on last year's 2:06 a bit, running 2:03:38 chip time.

Kelsey was disappointed in having to walk some, but a lack of training will do that to you. She has also indicated a desire to run at Tiger with me in the Dumb Ass run on December 15th. Should be nice and cold/wet for that one.


olga said...

You guys look very happy in the last picture:) Well, not under 2, but a PR still! Hey, what's wrong with walking, I swear by it in every race!
I am ok, just lots of thinking, thanks:)

GotLegs! said...


Danielle and I HAVE to join you guys next year.