Monday, December 03, 2007

Invest in Youth Fund Run

I will directing the 2008 Invest in Youth Fund Run once again. The 2008 version will be held in the same location as was done for 2007 - with the start and finish at the Machias trailhead on the Centennial Trail. Located between Lake Stevens and Snohomish, WA, the trail is a converted railroad grade that is flat and paved, with a gravel horse path running parallel to the paved portion. The Machias trailhead has ample parking and offers bathrooms with running water. There is also a covered area for the aid station. We will have hot food and drink.

All proceeds will go to the YMCA Invest in Youth Program. The run itself will be an out and back of approximately 2.5 miles. The course will be open for six hours, starting at 8:00 AM.

E-mail me for more details and a copy of the entry form.


King Arthur said...

I'm in. What day is it on this year?

Kendall K said...

Arthur, the run will be on Saturday, February 23rd.

Rooster said...

Hi Kendall! Thanks for visiting my blog and I have scanned yours too. Your daughter is beautiful and she's a runner just like her dad. Crazy how fast they grow up huh! I hope to see you again soon, maybe CCC this year??? Hope your running is going well and tell Tony C., Hi!


GotLegs! said...

Looking forward to it again as usual ... any chance of making it a 12 hour? OK, so I'm sick!

Nice to see you and Kelsey Saturday. We need to have the father/daughter run like you said. Maybe in the spring or maybe I can get Danielle running before the Fund Run.


robtherunner said...

Count me in as well, Kendall! I like the 12 hour idea, but I know that come race day I will enjoy being done after 6 hours.

shawn said...

Kendall - I love the pic of you and Kelsey at Dumb Ass. She sure looks like she was having fun :)

I loved the Fund Run last year and am pretty sure I'll be there this year.

Happy New Year.