Monday, February 25, 2008

Invest in Youth Fund Run Results

The fifth annual running benefitted from some of the best weather conditions yet. We had 28 runners finish at least a marathon in the 6 hour time slot. Fred Johnson edged out Tony C for top honors in the last half hour of running. Both ran over 40 miles, but Fred finished about 5 minutes ahead of tc. Linda Barton was top finisher for the women; completing a 50k in 5:29.


firepotter said...

Hi Kendell,

Can you send me a text copy of result? I would like to add them to the database at


Kendall K said...

Gary, I can send you an Excel spreadsheet of the results if you provide an e-mail address to send the file to. KRK

shawn said...

Great RD'ing on a worthwhile event Kendall! Sorry I missed out :(