Friday, May 12, 2006

Running partner

While I am still not running much, I am trying to fit in some runs with a new running partner. Our dog Kuma is now about 18 months old and enjoys going on the runs. As a lab/rottweiller/husky mix and 105 lb., she is a bit too big for real long runs. At present, she is good for about 7 miles. Hopefully, we can work up to some longer distances. I also need to get her more accustomed to meeting people on the trail, so she isn't so shy. Any volunteers to join us for a run?
Kuma tends to relax after our runs as you can see in the second picture.


GotLegs! said...

KRK, glad to see you found a running partner who has a chance of keeping up with you. *tc

olga said...

I am thinking of one as well, but that would mean i'd be the one taking care of it, not to mention there are often times when noone is home..