Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Looking Back/Looking Ahead

For running, 2009 sucked. Low mileage, not one single ultra or marathon completed. There, that is past. Done. On to 2010.

A-#1 goal for 2010: run a respectable time at Cascade Crest. Having volunteered for the past three years (four?), I am certain to get in. My previous best time is 21:10. Can I equal that or better it? Not sure. I will be six years older when the race is held. It will completely depend on what I can do for training. Incidentals along the way -

January 2nd - one lap of the Tiger Mt. Fat Ass
January 9th - Bridle Trails (?)
January 24th - Yours Truly 50k (?)
February 6th - Orcas Island 50k (?)
March 6th - Invest in Youth 6 hour (RD)
March 20th - Chuckanut 50k (yes!)
April 11th - Mt. Si (yes)
April 17th - Wenatchee marathon (?)
May 1st - Sunflower Iron (?)
May 8th - Lost Lake 50k (?)
May 15th - Watershed Preserve 12 hour (?)
June 9th - Blanchard Mt. 50k (?)
July 31st - White River 50 (yes)
August 28th - CCC (YES)

As you can see there are quite of few maybe's listed. Spring events may be eliminated by my attending some CWU track meets. I am also planning to ride STP again this year on July 17th, with daughter Kelsey. Hopefully, we can both fit in some training rides.

If I sign up for enough races, I will be forced to get back into shape. Right?


olga said...

I am reading it at times, and Merry Christmas to you too!!! And wow, those are lofty goals - having not seeing you around running for quite a while...if to dive, then head first, right? Best to you!

Tony C. said...

Kendall, I can already tell you're gonna have a good year. Your legs are recovered and fresh ... but what stands out is your fresh attitude.

It's great to having a running partner in the family. Kelsey sure can run trails!

See you at BT50K...and maybe at Pigtails (Lake Youngs 50K) Jan 23rd.

- Tony C

Kendall K said...

olga, hope all is well down south for you. As for goals, there are a lot of maybe's on the list.
tc, thanks for the encouraging words. I get one more run with Kelsey at the FA on Saturday and then send her back to CWU. Her first indoor meet is on Jan 16th at the UW Dempsey center. Be interesting to see how the transition from trail to short track goes.