Monday, May 17, 2010

Watershed #3 - Still no 12 hour

This was my third running at the Watershed Preserve 12 hour race. Some day I may actually have to stay for the full 12 hours. In 2006, I ran 7 loops in 5:43:05. In 2007, I ran 6 loops in 5:02:01. For 2010, I wasn't sure even during the race how long or how far I was going to go. After completing every step of the marathon distance with good friend Mark Hartinger (and most of that with Michael Cartwright also adding the the general fun and mayhem), Mark went to get his trekking poles for some practice and I started running by myself. Lap six went pretty well and I headed back out for lap seven. Glancing at my watch, I figured if I kept the pace I could finish seven laps in 6:30 or a bit under. Had to push a bit to maintain the pace, but hit the aid station in 6:27:18. At that point, I called it a day. It was good to see so many familiar faces and to spend over four and a half hours running with Mark. I'm still waffling some about Cascade Crest, but I did just send in my entry for Blanchard Mt. Guess I'll keep running for a bit longer.

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King Arthur said...

You looked like you were running pretty easy when I saw you.

Just keep it fun and let the miles and races happen.