Monday, July 10, 2006

Weekly summary July 2-8

It was a varied week for me. After a 45 mile bike ride on Saturday, Sunday I got out for my first long run since mid-May. 32 miles on the CCC course. It went better than expected - having Tim bonk probably saved me. If I had pushed more, I am certain I would have felt worse on Monday.

Tuesday I got up early and helped to set up the 5k and 10k courses for the YMCA Yankee Doodle runs. Then ran the 5k with daughter Kelsey. Our times were slow, but it was great to finally get to run with her again and she had a strong kick to finish. Spent the afternoon and evening at a the home of one of my wife's co-workers who is a MAJOR pyromaniac. He spent several hundred dollars on fireworks and we were happy to watch him set them all off. I took my camera along and actually managed to get a few photographs to turn out.

Thursday was Walleyball and Friday was 45 minutes on the treadmill - 10:00 min/mile at 10% grade. I was thoroughly soaked by the time I got off. Finally, on Saturday I put in my last long training ride prior to STP. I put together a hilly 102 mile loop in Snohomish county that took me from Lake Stevens to Snohomish to Monroe. Then it was on to Granite Falls, followed by Stanwood, then Arlington. From Arlington, it was onto the Centennial Trail past Lake Stevens to Machias and then back home. I am certain that STP will have far fewer hills. KRK

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olga said...

Have fun at STP!!
If nothing happens, I should be at WR.