Monday, June 26, 2006

St Helens in the Sun

The highlight of last week was a ride from Toutle to Mt. St. Helens on the Spirit Lake Memorial Hwy. According to my trip odometer, the round trip was 83.5 miles. This included a significant amount of climbing on the out leg, with some additional short climbs on the return leg. I peaked out at 43.5 mph, but was passed by a recumbent rider doing ~50. The sun was out and the day was warm. All I had to do was think about the temperatures at Western States and suddenly I was quite cool.
After a long climb to Goat Rock, you dropped elevation and then ascended some to Coldwater Ridge. This was followed by a short, fairly steep decent and long climb to the Johnston Ridge Observatory. Great day to be out. More photos are posted on my photo album connection.

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GotLegs! said...

looks beautiful out there.