Monday, June 19, 2006

Week of June 12-18

As I have little to write about, I will post a summary of last week's physical activities, such as they were:

6-12 45 min. spinning class
6-13 45 min. treadmill run, level 8 random - 6.3 miles
6-14 lunch with my wife (not much physical activity, but important for harmony at home)
6-15 three games of walleyball
6-16 two long games of racquetball
6-17 bike ride - 38.75 miles on Centennial Trail 2:02
6-18 bike ride - 31.75 miles on Cent. Trail and back roads around Lake Stevens 1:48

Of note: On Sunday's early morning bike ride I was returning from Arlington and saw a cougar on the trail. Very cool! Hope I didn't look too much like a deer;-) KRK

PS - Good luck to everyone headed to Western States. Wish I were joining you.

1 comment:

GotLegs! said...

Good thing you were riding and not running or the cougar WOULD have mistaken you for a dear. At least I do when you fly past me on a technical downhill. *tc