Monday, June 12, 2006

Copying TC

Well, I don't have much to post, so I will copy tc's weekly mileage log format:

June 5 - 52 minutes in spinning class - indicated 11.6 miles
June 6 - 0.6 mile warm-up for three games of walleyball
June 7 - 6.1 miles 45 minutes on treadmill - level 5 random (hills)
June 8 - three games of walleyball, no warm-up
June 9 - 4.2 miles 30 minutes on treadmill - level 6 random
June 11 - 11.0 miles 1:29:10 - ran from home, around lake and back

Totals - 21.9 miles of running, 11.6 miles of "biking" and six games of walleyball

Other news of note: Saturday watched my eldest daughter graduate from college.

Very sad news of note: Same day, neighbors daughter drowned in rafting accident on a river in Montana. Sarah had been on the local club swim team with my daughter Kelsey; had graduated from Lake Stevens High last year, and would have turned 19 this coming Friday.


GregScott said...

Hi ya, I liked your posts! positive and genuine. Hows things in the US? I'm into sports and do some coaching thought you might be interested in my services. check out my blogs

drop me a line sometime


GotLegs! said...

Kendall, Congratulations on getting one through ... 1 down, 3 to go.

Sad/heartbreaking about your neighbor. I can't (don't want to) imagine. It's something I pray about a lot "don't let bad things happen to my kids."