Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two down, two to go

Meghan and husband Dennis
It has been a hectic month. At the end of June, daughter Andrea made me a grandpa. Mid July, Kelsey and I rode STP. At the end of July, daughter Meghan got married. The wedding was in Bellingham, so planning took on a new dimension. Meghan's husband is from a very large family, so the size of the wedding and reception was much bigger than initially anticipated. We had over 320 affirmative responses to the invitations sent out. The wedding went very well and the bride was lovely. Everyone had a very good time at the reception. Both Dalia and I had family in town from Kansas for the wedding. It was very hectic at our house, but fun. Although I am certainly glad to not be cooking for 25 any more. During the time family was in town, we managed to also fit in a hike up Pilchuck to the lookout, a hike to the Big 4 Ice Caves, a driving tour to Diablo Dam and Ross Lake, a ferry ride to Friday Harbor, and trips to downtown Seattle. Not everyone went to all these destinations, but you get the idea.

Larisa, Kelsey, and cousin Alex from Spain

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