Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mt Sigh

Well, I should be well tapered anyway. My week of non-running because of work turned into almost two weeks of non-running because of illness. Some sort of bug jumped up and bit me this past week and actually made me miss work on Wednesday. I did run for 30 minutes on Friday and an hour this AM and feel generally okay. However, I think my endurance may be a bit off for the 50 miler at Mt Si tomorrow. Such is life. At least I will get to spend time with good friend Carol O'Hear and see other running buddies. That is if Carol runs slow enough.

This will be my 8th running at Mt. Si. The previous times have been:

2005 - 6:56:23
2004 - 7:13:15
2003 - 7:09:14
2002 - 6:57:14
2001 - 7:06:42
2000 - 7:23:34
1999 - 8:27:10

I think sub-seven this year is out of the question, but 7:30 may be doable. 7:15 or under would be gravy. We'll find out tomorrow. Maybe Carol will pull me along.



GotLegs! said...

Good luck Kendall. I hope you have fun out there. I will be missing this year ... there goes my streak. I managed to go out and do 12 summits with Glenn and Chris Fagen today. Saw Lary Webster and Max & Phyllis Welker. They said they be at the aid stations tomorrow ... as will Chris (Marty is running the 50 tomorrow). *tc

olga said...

So...did you survive?