Monday, April 10, 2006

Week of limited training

Well, this week looks to be one of very limited training. I will fit in a spinning class at lunch time today, but that will be it until the weekend. Two days of a conference in Seattle and two days on the road will kill the rest of the week. I'm not sure what I will be able to fit in on Saturday either. Daughter #4 has her first volleyball game Saturday AM.

I have also linked some pictures of a recent trip to a local indoor climbing gym with my two youngest daughters. Just click on the photo album link. They both really enjoy climbing and I hope to get out this summer to some real rock. Just top-roping, though. No death wishes or free-climbing here.


olga said...

look at them high! My kids 9especially younger) love climbing too, and we laready took them out on top-rope rocks (well, oleg did, I am petrified of heights and quit doing it some 4 years ago).
Safe travel!

olga said...

p.s. and I gained 15lbs since I started running. Even though half of it can be judged as muscle, the other half is all flab...besides I am a girl:) and I have no self control with portion size, it's almost easier not to eat at all.

GotLegs! said...

KRK, "limited training;" What's new for you ;-) I'm grateful 'cause that's the only shot I have at keeping up with you ... i.e., when you don't train.

Have fun at Mt Si ... I won't be running this year (first miss in 6 years). *tc

GotLegs! said...

Oh, I forgot to say, I had to sign up for a blog because "This blog does not allow anonymous comments." Sheesh!